Jeff & Nicki – Pipestone Wedding Photographer

When you look at the weather we are having this week– it reminds me of Jeff & Nicki’s wedding from last year this time.  Jay & I drove to Pipestone on Friday night, since Jeff & Nicki were generous enough to get us a hotel room for Friday & Saturday night.  On our way down there, we were somewhere between Marshall & Pipestone, when we decided that we should probably turn the radio on & quit jamming to our tunes on our iPhone. Well, just as we suspected, there was tornado watches, warnings, etc.  Since we didn’t really know what county we were in, we just kept driving. I honestly think that neither one of us said a single word for the last half hour of the drive, it was some bad weather– but we made it!

The day of Jeff & Nicki’s wedding was absolutely beautiful out– sunshine, a little humid, but that’s nothing to complain about!  Turns out there was a parade in town– which just so happened to run right next to the church.  At first, I panicked a little bit, because I knew we couldn’t do photos of Jeff & Nicki outside since there were so many people, cars, floats, etc.  Then I walked into the church, and it was just a relief– it was a BEAUTIFUL church! With tons of window light, and different areas to work with– it was amazing!  Later on in the day when the parade was over, we were able to go outside with the wedding party & get some photos!

After the ceremony, the whole wedding party got a hayride to Pipestone National Monument, where we did more photos, the fun relaxed kind of photos I like, once everyone in the wedding party has had a beverage of choice! Then we all headed to Nicki’s parents farm, where a beautiful summer themed wedding reception was waiting for them.  Sunflowers, burlap & homemade wine– and how special to have it at Nicki’s parents house!

I graduated high school with Jeff, and they personally invited us to stay after we put our cameras away– so we took them up on the offer, and literally, as soon as we locked the vehicle and got back in the tent– torrential rain, thunder, lighting.  I would have to say that was pretty good timing!  But it definitely didn’t put a damper on their evening– everyone had such a great time!

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