Imaging USA – Arizona

A couple of weeks ago Jason & I got back from our trip to Imaging USA which was in Arizona this year.  If you follow me on instagram ( you saw some photos from our trip, but I wanted to share a couple more photos with you on here!

We listened to speakers Sunday through Tuesday, attended the trade show to check out all the new products being offered. Jay checked out some new lens options… haha!  Then we celebrated my birthday on Wednesday, with a little hike, watched the sunset & then had a margarita.  Thursday we shot an engagement session (separate blog post to come on that!), and then drove to Sedona & spent a night there!  While in Sedona we did some sightseeing & also took a Pink Jeep tour– which was pretty awesome!

Jay & I had a little iPhone photo contest while we were down there to see who could get the best iPhone photos.  Here are some photos from our trip!  2014-02-18_0005 2014-02-18_0016 2014-02-18_0018 2014-02-18_0017 2014-02-18_0004 2014-02-18_0012 2014-02-18_0001 2014-02-18_0007 2014-02-18_0015 2014-02-18_0006 2014-02-18_0010 2014-02-18_0003 2014-02-18_0013 2014-02-18_0011 2014-02-18_0009 2014-02-18_0002 2014-02-18_0008

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