Devon & Emily – Willmar Wedding Photographer

Emily mentioned when we first met that she was hoping for a vintage, burlap, lace type of wedding, as you will see I am pretty sure her dreams came true!  The guys all wore jeans which looked so casual but yet classy! Plus they were all happy they didn’t need to be in a full suit all day!

We started out the day at Emily’s parents lake cabin- she had a vision of hanging the dresses on the deck to get a photo of all the different color bridesmaids dresses she chose.  Once all the finishing details were done, we headed to Glacial Ridge Winery, where Jason (my husband/second shooter) & Devon  were waiting.  Devon officially wins the award for best groom’s reaction during the first look EVER!  To see a groom so excited and so happy to see his beautiful wife to be– puts tears in my eyes!

All of the photos, including family photos were done at the winery, and since it was such a beautiful day, it worked out perfect!  Their bridal party all sat on picnic tables enjoying the weather & a beverage of choice, while we did bride & groom photos.

Ceremony was held at Faith Lutheran Church in Spicer. I loved Emily & Devon’s original idea instead of doing a unity candle- they had a big sticker of the letter “L” (their married name will be Lien) on a canvas, they took paint and painted over the L, and once it dried they would peel off the sticker!

After making a quick stop in between the ceremony & reception for some drinks & photos- we arrived at the Willmar Conference center. I was absolutely blown away with all their details & hard work they put into decorating!  Emily’s dad built the rustic barn wood backdrop that sat behind the head table– WOW (I’m secretly hoping the Conference center will just buy that so we could shoot with it every weekend we are there!) I think the best 3 words to describe the decor are: vintage, burlap & lace– Emily’s dream wedding!

Images by Amy Lynn - Willmar Wedding Photographer

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