Abby & Matt – Sauk Rapids Engagement & Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Abby since high school — makes it seem like it was forever ago!  Either way, Abby is such a sweetheart, and she found a great guy to spend the rest of her life with.  Matt was super easy going, and couldn’t help but smile when he would look at Abby.  When we were planning their session Abby mentioned a spot she had in mind, and said, “Oh I’m not sure if you will be able to get anything there…” well, I had her describe it to me.  Her description involved a couple of old buildings, access to the river, some tall weeds, and a nice woods.  Well duh!! I knew we could make some great images there!  Ruby (Abby & Matt’s dog) also came along for the beginning of the session.  Let me tell you, Miss Ruby was a diva– she knew exactly what I was trying to do!  No matter how many stupid noises I made to try to get her attention, she would just look away, or give me this look like- oh whatever you crazy woman!  Teresa Berg– sorry to let you down! haha I did a month long internship a little over a year and a half ago in Texas with Teresa, and she is like the dog whisperer, she does amazing pet photos!  You would think I would rock after spending that time with her!  Either way, we got great photos of Abby & Matt (& a couple of Miss Ruby) and that’s all that matters!  Enjoy your photos Abby & Matt– can’t wait for your wedding next year!

  • Teresa Berg - Hey Amy– What a great engagement session! Nice work!

    You’ve just temporarily lost your touch — keep making those silly noises, they’ll look at you eventually. LOL! If that doesn’t work, keep dog treats in your camera bag :))

    We miss you! Come back to Texas!

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