I am not going to lie– on the morning of Lacey & DJ’s wedding, I was pretty nervous! It was raining like crazy!  I knew with all the planning they had been doing and the beautiful venue they chose for their ceremony & reception, it would be such a bummer to not be able to get photos outside.  Now, I would love to say that I have magical powers, but I’m not going to go that far! As soon as we arrived to start photos, the skies cleared, and it ended up being a beautiful day for Lacey & DJ!Images by Amy Lynn_3333Images by Amy Lynn_3334Images by Amy Lynn_3335Images by Amy Lynn_3336Images by Amy Lynn_3337Images by Amy Lynn_3338Images by Amy Lynn_3339Images by Amy Lynn_3340Images by Amy Lynn_3341Images by Amy Lynn_3342Images by Amy Lynn_3343Images by Amy Lynn_3344Images by Amy Lynn_3345Images by Amy Lynn_3346Images by Amy Lynn_3347Images by Amy Lynn_3348Images by Amy Lynn_3349Images by Amy Lynn_3350Images by Amy Lynn_3351Images by Amy Lynn_3352Images by Amy Lynn_3353Images by Amy Lynn_3354Images by Amy Lynn_3355Images by Amy Lynn_3356

Ben & Emily got married at Church of Our Lady in Manannah, MN.  I remember Emily saying she was a little worried if we had enough spots to work with outdoors at the church, needless to say, there were tons, and the lighting was great!  After the ceremony, they made a quick stop at Zorbaz, and then headed to their anchor themed reception at the Spicer Legion!

Images by Amy Lynn_3313Images by Amy Lynn_3314Images by Amy Lynn_3315Images by Amy Lynn_3316Images by Amy Lynn_3317Images by Amy Lynn_3318Images by Amy Lynn_3319Images by Amy Lynn_3320Images by Amy Lynn_3321Images by Amy Lynn_3322Images by Amy Lynn_3323Images by Amy Lynn_3324Images by Amy Lynn_3325Images by Amy Lynn_3326Images by Amy Lynn_3327Images by Amy Lynn_3328Images by Amy Lynn_3329Images by Amy Lynn_3330Images by Amy Lynn_3331Images by Amy Lynn_3332

These two– absolutely so in love, it was so much fun photographing them! Their little giggles, and constant caring & love for each other, it was a perfect day!  They got married in Olivia, made a quick stop at Eagle Lake Church for some photos, and then came to Willmar for their reception- great job on the flowers Stacy’s Nursery!